in progress

  • Phase two… pools lined with white slip!! << collab with Joe Pintz >>

  • Earthenware pools 💧 collaboration with Joe Pintz continues…

  • ☝🏻️💧 the start of a ceramic pool collaboration w Joe Pintz !!!

  • New h2o tile life jacket! Part of my two person show Buoyancy with Aimee Lee at the Morgan Conservatory in Cleveland

  • From my two person show with Aimee Lee at the Morgan Conservatory in Cleveland • line floats • is our collaborative piece that runs along an eighty foot wall made of ceramic buoys & hanji rope (at The Morgan Conservatory)

  • ☝🏻️ hanji rope ☝🏻 I’m so excited to get this handmade paper rope (over 80 ft) made paper artist extraordinaire Aimee Lee! We are having a two person show at Morgan Conservatory in Cleveland and this fabulous rope is part of a collaborative piece we are working on for our show this fall!!! Stay tuned… #aimeelee @morganpaper

  • ☝🏻️ leisure pools 1-6 ☝🏻️featured at The Print Center’s Gallery Store this month!!!
    I started this series last year while living in Roswell, NM. This desert environment got me thinking about water in a more expansive way. These multilayered woodblock prints are inspired by backyard pool shapes and the striking image of flying over a Dallas / Fort Worth neighborhood, where nearly every house had its own pool!
    Now available 👉🏻 @theprintcenter More info 👉🏻

  • • silver pool float • Excited to have this little float & a couple others framed up for the summer show at Sager Braudis Gallery !!!

  • Gallery view of some of my pool & water works… so happy to be a part of the “Summer Exhibit"at Sager Braudis Gallery!!!

  • And here’s the middle section & lid for the “leisure pool” box set! All three sections lock in place with mini magnets. The six “leisure pool” prints sit in the pool in the middle section. Pools within pools!!

  • Here’s a look at the bottom layer of my “leisure pool” box set… it includes an h2o pool float!!!

  • Portfolio box complete!! It’s for one set of my leisure pool prints!